Who is PollucenĀ and what do you do?

We offer a complete solution for Wastewater and Sewage Treatment Plants in Nigeria. The Sewage from the residential buildings or commercial and office buildings is treated for a reduction in BOD, COD & TSS. This is done to comply with the pollution control stipulations or standards set by the Nigeria Federal Government EPA for disposal, gardening, flushing and other non-potable purposes.

Hence sewage treatment plants are available in Mild Steel with the possibilities of internal surfaces coating, rubberized or FRP Lined for commercial and residential buildings as well as in RCC constructed designs. We can also provide Fiber constructed tanks for easy installation and commissioning.

Pollucen offers a complete solution for treatment of Wastewater.

Diffused Aeration

At Pollucen, we offer top of the range diffusers that will meet any of your needs. Learn More»

Bar Screens

Bar screens are vital to the successful operation of a plant as they remove large objects from the waste stream entering the treatment plant. Learn More»

Sewage Treatment Plants

Our approach to biological waste-water treatment is by using the processes of activated sludge, trickling filter and stabilization pond treatment systems. Learn More»