About Us

Pollution Control Engineering is a leader in the manufacturing of engineered wastewater and sewage treatment systems. The company’s main activities are the design, engineering, and construction of sewage treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants.

The company was initially established as a division of its parent company, Crossaids limited, in 1994 as specializing in process engineering design, construction, and installation.

Enterprising and highly dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services, the company rapidly grew and was soon taken out of its parent company to stand on its own feet as a full-fledged company.

We own a modern manufacturing facility capable of producing high-quality products with a minimum amount of production timeWe have the capability in procurement, operation, manufacturing, and maintenance in wastewater engineering and treatment systems covering the traditional markets of municipal, industrial, commercial and residential applications. We support our installations and products with adequate spare parts supply and an efficient maintenance programme.