Sewage Treatment Plants

At Pollucen, we provide a range of solutions for commercial applications. With our packaged sewage treatment plants, we provide a full, turnkey package including design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, operate and maintain.

Our approach to biological waste-water treatment is by using the processes of activated sludge, trickling filter and stabilization pond treatment systems. Each of these function by bringing aerobic micro-organisms, organic matter in waste-water and dissolved oxygen together. The biological oxidation of the waste organic matter then takes place naturally in the waste-water treatment system. Our brand of activated sludge treatment plants are in several forms of shapes such as in rectangular, circular and cylindrical hopper bottom. Depending on the need of a client, we can modify mixing and flow patterns in the aeration basin, and in the manner in which the micro-organisms are mixed with the incoming waste-water to achieve any of the activated sludge configurations of the conventional, tapered, complete mix, step, extended or in contact stabilization forms.

Capacity of Plants:
Pollucen produces plants suitable for 500 to 10,000 population equivalent in a standard form and designs larger sizes for specific enquiries.

Form of Plants:
Our design can be produced in three forms, in rectangular, cylindrical hopper and in circular forms. All three forms can be installed below grade level that is totally in excavation or half in excavation and the other half above grade level. The third option is for the plant to be erected totally above ground level.
The plant can be cast in concrete or constructed of metals parts. All metal parts are shot blasted and sprayed with epoxy resin paint with a minimum thickness of 200 microns. Erection damages can be protected by site installed magnesium anodes or ferro – silicium anodes with DC converters. The plants are fabricated in packaged forms or field erected depending on the size of the plant.

The Packaged Sewage Treatment Tanks we offer are:

Rectangular Sewage Treatment Plants: 

These come in rectangular form with options of auxiliary processes, tertiary filtration, sludge handling and nutrient removal. They are designed for above ground level installation and usage.


sewage tank 0023

Cylindrical Hopper Bottom Sewage Treatment Plant: 

Kleanflow® is a compact, effective and economical sewage treatment plant that can either be installed above ground or underground for waste-water treatment in a decentralized manner. Kleanflow is ideal for hotels, Shopping complexes, apartment buildings, restaurants, factories, malls, hospitals, office buildings, institutions, townships/colonies, high rise buildings and much more.



underground sewage tank

Process of Treatment:
Our plants are constructed based on the activated sludge process. We make use of the conventional activated sludge process and some of its modifications particularly Complete – mix, step aeration, extended aeration and contact stabilization activated sludge processes.

Design Parameters:
Design parameters that ensure that the effluent achieved from the activated sludge process is normally clear, odourless, sparkling, high in dissolved oxygen and low in BOD. It can be expected, in general that the effluent will contain from 10 – 20mg/L of BOD and suspended solids.